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Interested in joining the lab?

Postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students, or local high schoolers are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Albecker.​ Please include your contact information, research interests, and future goals. 

Molly Albecker,  Principal Investigator


Science Interests: Eco-evolutionary dynamics, life history evolution, natural history, modeling, frogs, coastal ecosystems.

Other Interests: My family, spending time in nature, tacos, traveling, running long distances, swamps, thinking deeply about shallow things.

Contact info:

353 Science and Research 2

Aaron Devine,  PhD Student


Science Interests: Responses to climate change, biogeography, phenotypic plasticity, conservation biology, ecological genomics, aquatic ecosystems, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and amphibians


Aaron’s interests broadly lie in organismal responses to climate change. More specifically, he has interests in how geographically isolated populations respond to climate change, and how these responses may vary across populations and species. He aims to support conservation strategies for populations experiencing change, and investigate of local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity, ecological genomics, and other processes that may be influenced by climate change.

Other Interests: Basketball, reading, eating food, and spending time with friends

Aaron Devine Bio Photo.jpg
IMG_20230705_215525_913 (1).jpg

Camryn Kritzell,  PhD Student


Science Interests: Carry-over effects, climate change, urbanization, conservation biology, life history, predictive modeling, amphibians

Other Interests: Climbing, art, camping, bird watching, swimming, spending time with my dog

Jessica Nguyen,  Undergraduate researcher


Science Interests: Phenotypic plasticity in marine animals, the effects of urbanization and climate change on aquatic ecosystems, and mechanisms of osmoregulation in amphibians

Other Interests: Crocheting, axolotls, video games, anime, and soup


Judy Koussayer, Undergraduate researcher


Science Interests: Amphibian plasticity, impacts of habitat fragmentation, conservation biology, eco-evolutionary history of marine populations, and behavioral ecology. 

Other Interests: Drawing, reading, desserts, traveling, and playing video games

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