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First Blog Post!


Welcome to my blog page! I will be updating this blog regularly, especially as the research season begins this spring.

Here you will find:

  • ​Updates about fieldwork including successes, failures, progress reports, and various other research-related posts.

  • Photos and videos from the field

  • Announcements for upcoming events from science festivals to seafood festivals!

  • Interesting articles and websites

  • Reports on various coastal issues that summarize current events, policies, and controversies.

I'm very excited to begin my field season this spring! We are asking very interesting questions and I'm eager to see the results. Before we know it, the days will warm, the frogs will begin calling and I'll be out splashing through the wetlands!

For now, I am busy with classes and all of the administrative tasks that precede fieldwork. Prior to all research, permits to collect and conduct research must be submitted and approved. In addition, we have to contact and coordinate with assistants and refuge managers, order the required equipment, and draft a detailed research plan so that everything is prepared and ready in advance. It is admittedly not the most fun part of science but it is very necessary!

That's all for now - Stay warm!

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